broiled yello corvina

Broiled fish with sauce

Various species of fish can be caught in the waters surrounding Korea throughout the year. Yellow corvina is usually eaten in spring, seasoned mackerel, in summer, hairtail in fall, and herring in winter. Fish is seasoned with salt or traditional Korean seasoning such as Doenjang (soybean paste), Ganjang (soy sauce), and Gochujang (red chili paste) before grilling.


Below you can find  a delicious recipe for broiled fish




  • 4 yellow corvina (or any other fish available) 2 g (½ teaspoons) salt
  • seasoning soy sauce
    • 9 g (½ tablespoon) soy sauce
    • 6.5 g (½ tablespoon) sesame oil
  • seasoning sauce
    • 6 g (1 teaspoon) soy sauce
    • 6 g (½ tablespoon)
    • sugar
    • 57 g (3 tablespoons) red pepper paste
    • 4.5 g (1 teaspoon) minced green onion
    • 2.8 g (½ teaspoon) minced garlic
    • 5.5 g (1 teaspoon) ginger juice
    • 1 g (½ teaspoon) sesame salt
    • 0.1 g ground black pepper
    • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil


  1. Scrape off the scales from yellow corvina and cut off the fins. Take out internal organs through the gill. Wash it cleanly, spread salt on both sides of the body, and marinate it for 30 minutes
  2. Blend sesame soy sauce and seasoning sauce.


  1. Put knife slits on the yellow corvina body at intervals of 2 cm-wide.
  1. Coat them with sesame soy sauce and marinate for 10 minutes
  1. Preheat the iron grill and oil. Add spicy seasoning sauce and broil the yellow corvina roughly, at about 15 cm above the heat, for 4 minutes for one side and another 3 minutes after turning over.


broiled yello corvina


(Recipe adapted from Korean food foundation)