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Healthy Korean Food Supporters Opening ceremony

The Healthy Korean Food Supporters held its launch ceremony on August 21, starting off activities as an online promotion group for Korean food at home and abroad.
Broadcasted live on Facebook, the launch ceremony proceeded with My Korean Food Story, Live Talk on Healthy Korean Food, and other sessions where various thoughts and stories on Korean food could be shared.

Healthy Korean food supporters panel
The K-Food song sung by K-pop stars added to the festivities of the day, and was followed by My Korean Food Story and Live Talk on Healthy Korean Food—both hosted by Daniel Lindemann, a broadcaster from Germany and honorary member of the Healthy Korean Food Supporters. The live talk was paneled by delegates of the Healthy Korean Food Supporters, and their various ideas on how people around the world could be friends through their love of Korean food drew enthusiastic attention from the Supporters.

You can watch the videos of the launch ceremony:
Part 1 – https://goo.gl/KDsjN1
Part 2 – https://goo.gl/7duzEd

Join the Healthy Korean Food Supporters: http://www.hansik.org/kr/index.do
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