As you would have guessed, this is a blog about Korean food. There are many great websites about Korean cuisine out there but what I will try to do is to talk about it from a different point of view. I started being interested in Korean food few years ago, when I visited South Korea for the first time. The flavours, the colours and of course the spiciness of the food were a great discovery, a journey into its taste that is going on since then.

What I want to do is talk about Korean food and culture with eyes of an Italian, who is discovering and who comes from a country where Korean cuisine is almost unknown. In Italy, when you talk about Asian food only two kinds come to mind: Japanese and Chinese. I would like to spread the word about Korean food, but also highlight the unexpected similarities between the Italian and Korea food culture.

Eating bibimbap in Gwangju

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Chiara Garbagnati  – “21 years old, Asian studies student at the Ca’Foscari university, coming from Milan suburbs but living in Venice. Wanderlust is the keyword, I dream of being a polyglot and I have a genuine interest towards art and cuisine. These passions sparkle my interest for Korea”









Chinghan Hsu aka Sangsudong Squirrel “Moved from Taiwan to South Korea since 2013. I study Korean culture and enjoy doing food fieldwork around the country”