onggi in seoul

Onggi – korean earthenware for fermentation

Korea Food Heritage: Paste-type foods in Korea like soybean paste and hot pepper paste are made through a fermentation process.
These sauce are prepared using traditional earthenware pots called “onggi”. Korean earthenware pots are known as “breathing” containers.
The porous material allows air passing in and out of the pots: the sun outside pushes air in, but moisture inside pushes it back out.
from KFPI
This process repeats itself and results in the fermentation that makes Korean food so delicious.
In recent years, pottery-making has become something of an artisan craft and earthenware items are used for decoration, and even fine art.
Interest in fermentation and Korean food made the onggi popular also in Western Countries and some entrepreneurs and chefs are using it more and more.