Jokbal – 족발 (Korean pork shank)

One of the last night in Korea, my friend brought me to the so called Jokbal alley in Seoul. Jokbal (korean pork feet) was one of the dishes included in my wish list, so I was very happy when she came up with this idea.

The alley is very peculiar since all the restaurants there serve Jokbal and the atmosphere is hectic and all the restaurants were crowded!

The Pork shank is boiled till tender with leek, garlic, ginger and rice wine and finally the meat is stirred with soy sauce.

The meat is served in big portion, as you can see from the pictures and the taste is strong but delicious. I suggest you to try this dish if you ever come to Korea, because it’s absolutely amazing.

Jokbal is served with lettuce and sesame leaves for the wrapping and many side dishes like pork liver, lungs and sundae (pork intestine filled with vegetables and glass noodles), and a spicy shrimp sauce that will help burn the greasiness of the dish, called bindaetteok.