eggplant kimchi

Eggplant kimchi – Kaji kimchi (가지김치)

Eggplant is a widely used vegetable in Korea and it’s typical of Autumn season. Being one of my favorite ingredient (we use it a lot as well in Italian cuisine), I decide to prepare a eggplant kimchi for the coming autumn.

Asian eggplants, thinner and longer that the European ones (da

Ingredients ( 4 people)

ingredienti kimchi melanzane

– 2 eggplants

– 1 spring onion

– 1 carrot

– 1 garlic clove

– a small piece of ginger

– half red apple

For the sauce:

– 1 tbs ( or more if you want it spicier) of chili powder

– 2  tbs of fish sauce


– Boil 1 liter of water  and add 1/2 tbs of sea salt

– Parboil the eggplants (whole) for about 5 min

– While eggplant cook in the pot, let’s prepare the other ingredients: Slice thinly the carrot, the apple and ginger. Chop spring onion and garlic and put all the ingredients in a big bowl. And add chili powder and fish sauce and mix all.

– After the eggplants are parboiled, let them cool a bit and cut them in 3-4 mm thick slices (less than 0.2 inches)

– Squeeze the eggplant slices gently to discard the liquid in excess

melanzane strizzare kimchi

– Add the eggplant slices to the bowl and mix well

melanzane e salsa kimchi

– This step is crucial, since we need the fermentation process to start: Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and leave the bowl at room temperature for about 8 hours (you can prepare the kimchi in the evening and let it rest overnight)

– After the 8 hours, move the kimchi in a food container and keep it in the fridge

kimchi di melanzane

This kimchi can be served as delicious side dish for rice but is a good match also for meat and fish dishes.