Sundubujjigae – 순두부 찌개 (Soft tofu stew)

Annyeoung All,

Last night we had dinner in Koreatown in Toronto! Around 1970, thanks to more liberal immigration policy from the Canadian government, many Koreans moved to Canada and started settle and opening business and retails store in the area along Bloor street.

Nowadays there are also many restaurant and for today dinner we tried Sundubujjigae, soft tofu stew. This dish consists of a spicy stew with soft tofu, mushrooms, spring onion and meat or sea food. In this dish a particular kind of tofu is used, that is soft and silky with a custard consistency. We order the mixed version, so it included beef, shrimps and mussels.  Also this dish is served in a clay stone pot with a raw egg on the side that you will add to the boiling soup (it is very hot and spicy!) and stir well to cook it. Adding the egg decrease the spiciness of the dish (if it is too spicy) and on the other hand it also provides more nutrients and full-bodied taste to the dish.

Sundubujjigae is one of Korean people’s favorites and it is often prepared at home.   This stew is very healthy and contains both proteins (from tofu, egg, seafood and meat) and many nutrients from the vegetables in it. It has been a very cold night in Toronto, and eating this hot stew warmed up our body and spirit!

sundubujjigae - soft tofu stew

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As banchan we were served radish kimchi, beans and beansprouts.

Stay tuned for the next dish on Kimchiandbasil!