Kimbap – 김밥

Today we are going to talk about Kimbap!

Kimbap consists of a roll of rice and several ingredients such as fish, meat, vegetables rolled in seaweed and it is an ideal dish for a quick snack or for a picnic (expecially with this hot weather!).

We went to a family run little shop close to Hongdae were they are making Kimbap from more than 30 years! The shop is busy at any hour of the day and the owners work hard since early morning to provide their costumers with the freshest and best ingredients ( you can find their shop in our ‘Locations’ page).

The variety of their menu is big and we choose tuna kimbap (참치김밥). Other type of kimbap are filled with kimchi, crab meat, egg omelette and vegetables.

After the rice and the ingredients are rolled in the seaweed (김) the roll is brushed with sesame oil to preserve the freshness and crispiness of the seaweed and then it is seasoned with sesame seeds. Last step include the cutting of the roll in bite-size pieces and rolling it in aluminium foil to easily bring it with you wherever you go!

Common side dishes for kimbap are kimchi and yellow radish pickle (danmuji).

Next time we will talk about Korean porridge (죽)!