nuts on full moon day

First full moon day of lunar new year

Today, 14th of February it was the first full moon’s day of lunar calendar (Jeongwol Daeboreum) and in Korea many people eat nuts like walnuts and peanuts.

nuts on full moon day

In the morning of the full moon the people would crack peanuts with their teeth (bureom kkeghi) while the other nuts would be served already without the shell. It is believed that by cracking nuts you wish of good health for the year. Also special food will be prepared on this day, like ogokbab (rice with five grains), and namul (seasoned vegetables).

The origin of this tradition can be traced back to the agricultural society, when the labor started after the first full moon day. Additionally These foods are supposed to provide all the nutriments there were lacking during cold Korean winters.

Did you eat enough nuts today?