Walnut Cake – 호두과자

Hello all,

On our way back to Seoul, we decided to stop to a gas station to stretch our legs and fill our stomach. My mind was wondering which kind of food Korean people would eat during their trips on the highway so my Korean travel companion showed me what can you find in gas station when it comes to food. Along with soups and udon, another typical street food is the walnut cake (호두과자 – hodu gwaja).

These cakes are made using batter that will be dripped into a pan with round holes. Then the filling will be inserted and it consists of a whole walnut and red beans sweet paste. The remaining batter will be dripped over to complete the walnut cake and give it its peculiar round shape.

These cakes are a typical street food snack and the best way to taste is to eat them when freshly baked and still hot: this will give a crispy consistence to the outside with a sweet and melting core. A nice snack to enjoy with your coffee to keep you awake for the rest of your trip!

In the next post we will taste and talk about gamjatang (감자탕)!stay tuned!