Kongguksu – 콩국수 (Chilled soy milk noodles soup)

Hi all,

Today we will talk about Konguksu, a very popular summer dish in Korea, made with cold soy beans broth, noodles, pine nuts, sesame seeds and cucumber.

The soy beans are prepared by boiling them  (after being soaked in water overnight) and then put them in a blender. The broth then is done by adding in a blender cold water, the nuts, the soy beans and a pinch of salt.

The cooked noodles are added to a bowl with ice cubes, broth and then garnished with cucumber.

The dish itself is very simple and it’s a perfect meal for a hot summer day or night.  The thickness of the soup was very smooth and the richness of the taste was incredible, completely different from the watery soy drinks that you can find in supermarket. After tasted this dish I decided to prepare my own soy drink when back in Europe! it is a more tastier, cheaper and healthier option!

To try this dish we went to the restaurant 여기가거기 in Sangsu Area of Seoul. It is a small family restaurant but very known among people of the neighbourhood and the lady working there was very helpful making sure that the saltiness of my kongguksu was the right one!

Stay tuned for the next dish!