Daegutang – 대 구탕 (Spicy cod fish stew)

Hi All,

today we will talk about Daegutang, a spicy cod fish stew. We tried this dish in Pusan in a restaurant that serves only fish stews, highly specialized!

Although the day was very hot, and many people would prefer eating some cold dishes, the place was quite busy and we could see some families there hanging out for lunch with the whole family.

The stew was served hot in a stone pot with many side dishes. The smell was very inviting so we started tasting it identifying all the ingredients. This looks like a simple dish to cook but it contains many ingredients: cod of course (with bones!), 느타리버섯 mushrooms, seaweed, garlic, spicy red pepper paste, spring onion, soy paste, radish, crown daisy (edible chrysantemum – 쑥갓) and pepper. The broth was made with fish stock and soy sauce.

The spiciness is a bit strong but not too spicy for non-trained tongues and it was mitigated by the other ingredients. The taste was rich and the flavors of cod and red pepper are a perfect match.

The dish was served with a lot of side dishes (more of the average I have found so far) and it included tofu with red pepper paste and spring onions, watery radish soup, pickled sesame leaves, mixed pickled vegetables (cucumber, mushrooms and aubergines – delicious!), steamed rice (bap), a korean pancake with shrimps (panjeon) and finally a celery salad with yogurt dressing.

If you are in Pusan, I strongly suggest you to try this dish!

Next time we will talk about fish and seashell bbq! Stay tuned!